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Senior Tax Exchange Program (STEP)

Program Overview
What is STEP?
The Senior Tax Exchange Program provides senior citizens the opportunity to work in the school district and apply their earnings toward payment of property taxes.

Who is Eligible?
Senior citizens 62 years of age or older who receive Social Security and have taxable property within the Waupaca School District.
What is the Application Process?
Persons interested in applying for a STEP position should download the application, confidentiality agreement and contract available below or contact Maureen Markon’s office (715) 258-4124. The STEP applicant indicates the type of work and the amount of hours they desire. Volunteers will be matched with teacher needs and interests.
How Is A Worker Compensated?
The compensation of $5.00 per hour up to a maximum of $430.00 is distributed annually in the form of a two party check made out to the worker and the appropriate property tax district treasurer.  Payment is sent to the STEP worker by November 30th, in time for the initial installment of their property taxes.
How Much is the Tax Credit?
In exchange for a maximum of 86 hours of work, approved applicants will earn up to a property tax credit of $430.00.
What are the Program Benefits?
In addition to providing senior citizens with tax relief, workers will have the opportunity to share their talents, gain an inter-generational experience, and make a difference in a student's life. Students will gain an appreciation for the valuable contributions that senior citizens make to the community, and have a chance to establish a relationship with a positive role model providing them with increased social and emotional support. Above and beyond another set of hands, teachers will appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the many positive things happening in our schools on a day-to-day basis.
What is Expected of a STEP Worker?
STEP positions may be short-term or long-term based on need and the STEP workers schedule. Be prompt and consistent. Communicate with staff member when you are unavailable to volunteer. Expect to share your skills and talents through tutoring, reading, preparing for special projects, assisting with computers, chaperoning field trips, or working with students to develop social skills.
STEP Paperwork
 Step 1 - Complete Paperwork:
Return your contract to:
Maureen Markon
515 School Street
Waupaca WI 54981 or mmarkon@waupacaschools.org
 Step 2 - Assignment:
Step volunteers needing to be “matched” with a staff member will be contacted by phone or email.
 Step 3 - Keeping Track of Your Time:
Keep track of your hours on your time sheet. Have the teacher or staff member that is supervising you sign or initial to confirm your time. Turn in your time sheet(s) to the Special Education Office at the end of the school year or when you have fulfilled your 86-hour maximum.