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Brandon Temperly
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Physical Education Teacher
Phone: 715.258.4141 ext 1306


     In the summer 2008 I moved to Waupaca to take my first teaching position.  I taught one year of Health and Physical Education at the High School.  Then in 2009, I moved to the PE position at the WLC.  I graduated from UW-Platteville with a bachelors degree in Physical Education/Health/Adapted PE for Birth-21 years old and received my masters degree in Physical Education from UWP as well.  I have been the Varsity Girls Basketball Coach since 2008 as well as the Boys Golf Assistant since 2009.   

     Currently, I am teaching Physical Education to students that range from Early Childhood to 5th Grade.  My philosophy on assessing students is primarily based on effort.   Students are graded each day on a 5 point scale.  Each student can earn 1 point for coming to class on time and prepared, 2 points for sportsmanship/attitude, and 2 points for effort relating to his/her ability.  Occasionally an assignment or a skills grade is given.  My goal is for students to form healthy lifestyle habits regarding physical activity, nutrition, and enjoyment of engaging in healthy behaviors.

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