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PIE Activities

What is PIE you say?

     Pinpointing Strengths and Weaknesses

     Improving Our Skills

     Excelling in School

We want our students to be the best student that can be.  We want them to have the best opportunities for college scholarships, job placements, and future life success.  And it all starts here, at Waupaca Middle School!  PIE is just another piece that will help every student reach their goals while working with a variety of teachers.

What does that mean?

It means we are going to take time out of the day to focus on reading, writing, and math concepts that will help all students prepare for high school and beyond.  The extra time will be around the lunch hour.  Check out the schedules as they get posted around the school!  Our focus is on getting all students academically prepared for a diverse future!

We are all getting excited about the change in our day and the opportunity to help all students learn the skills needed for their future!

Good things are coming!  Remember we are all in this together!


Please feel free to check out the resources we are using during this time!

Reading Resources 8th Grade Stories 7th Grade Stories 6th Grade Stories
Packet 1 A Trick of the Trade People of the Third Planet The Big Day
Packet 2 Cemetery Path The Big Day The Dinner Party
Packet 3 The Lion Roared The Cage Two Were Left
Add'l Stories The Right Kind of House The Getaway Zoo
  More Valuable Than Gold Kids Courageous No Greater Love
  King's Ransom Lessening the Tragedy Racing to the Rescue
  Never a Quitter She Touched the Future Marathon of Courage
  The Day the Earth Shook He'll Never be the Same Taking a Stand


More resources will be added as we continue down our PIE path!  Please check back every few weeks!