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Weather Related School Closing Information

Closings schools for weather-related reasons is always taken very seriously and staying on top of rapidly changing weather conditions is always a challenge.  The decision to close schools is usually made in the early morning hours; however, at times the decision is made the evening before.  The superintendent makes the decision based on consultation with the transportation supervisor, highway condition reports, and local driving.

Please understand that in Wisconsin snow, ice, and extreme temperatures are a normal part of our weather pattern, and our state does not close down every time it snows or the temperature goes below zero.  All drivers, including bus drivers, need to practice safe winter driving because school will operate more often than not when it snows.  Parents of driving age children who have concerns about safe driving for their child in snowy conditions should consider having them ride the bus on inclement weather days.  If you as a parent ever feel it is not safe for travel due to your local road conditions, you have the right to keep your child home without consequence. 

When school is closed or dismissed early, the district will make calls to staff, students, and parents/guardians using Infinite Campus messenger.  The closing information will also be given to the following for broadcast:

                 > TV channels (2, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 26).

                 > Radio Station  WDUX Radio 92.7 FM, and 800 AM.

Please do not call the transportation office regarding closings.

The closing information will also appear on our district website.  When conditions warrant, evening and after school activities may also be cancelled due to weather conditions.