Logo - School District of Waupaca
Logo - School District of Waupaca


Waupaca Learning Center

Elementary School    

    1515 Shoemaker Rd      

Waupaca, WI 54981

Ph: 715-258-4141  

Fax: 715-942-8402





"The Waupaca Way"



* I am Respectful. * I am Responsible. * I am Safe. * I am Prepared. *

Homecoming Parade

Waupaca Learning Center has been named as a PBIS School of Distcintion for the 2015-2016 school year. For the previous three years, WLC was a School of Merit for PBIS. 

We have also been a Wisconsin Response to Intervention School of Merit in reading and math for the last two school years. This is a great accomplishment for our students and staff!


PTG Newsletter

The Waupaca Learning Center is a beautiful elementary school located next to the Waupaca River near Highways 10, 54, and 49. There are approximately 700 students in our building serviced by approximately 65 regular and special education teachers, numerous teaching aides, three secretaries, and one principal. Our principal at the WLC Elementary School is John Erspamer. 

We are a large school and can therefore provide a variety of services to our students. We have an Early Childhood program, 4 year old Kindergarten, full day kindergarten, a science lab, a large IMC/Library, two music rooms, two art rooms, and several computer labs (including ipad and Chromebook mobile labs). We provide after school activities such as Special Choir, Art Club and FOCUS. Our school is also open for community events such as scouting and sports. We have a very active parents' group who have been instrumental in providing a wide variety of support for the school. It's a great place to help our students develop "The Waupaca Way"!  We are responsible; We are respectful; We are safe; We are prepared!



WLC 2016-2017 Photos
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The Waupaca Learning Center is always looking for new and innovative ways to help earn money for our students. This money is used in a variety of ways and directly benefits each and every student here at WLC. By simply doing what you and your family already do, you too can help! Listed below are a variety of programs and incentives that the WLC currently participates in:

  • Box Tops for Education
    Simply cut off the Box Tops logo from any of a variety of participating foods and WLC earns 10 cents per label.
    (click on the logo for participating foods)
  • milk caps
    A variety of milk caps can earn the WLC 5 cents for each cap. Simply rinse the caps from your empty cartons and send them in! Brands include:
    Golden Guernsey, Kemps, Land O' Lakes, Qwik Trip, Swiss Valley
  • Campbell soup "labels" labels for education
    Clip ONLY THE UPC CODE off of participating foods (not the entire label) and the WLC  earns either 1 or 5 cents, depending on the food. Foods include those made by: Campbells, Pepperidge Farm, Franco-American, V-8, Prego, and more! Click here for a complete listing.



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