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Guide to WLC Programs


Art Club - An after school Art program for 4th grade students who are interested in exploring Art to a new and challenging level.  All skill levels are welcome. 

Battle of The Books TEAM- Love to read!  We meet at lunch to talk and discuss books with friends in the library.

BOOK-IT - It is a reading incentive program sponsored by the Pizza Hut for students in grades K-4. It motivates children to read more by rewarding them for their reading accomplishments. It also helps persuaders develop a positive, enthusiastic attitude toward learning to read. Students meeting monthly goals receive an award certificate redeemable at Pizza Hut and a Book It button. 

Channel 99 - In School Television Station 

FANG Reading Program - A reading incentive program sponsored by the Timber Rattlers.  The students are encouraged to read for an 8 week period.  If they succeed in meeting their goal every two weeks, they receive small incentives from the Timber Rattlers baseball team.  At the end they receive a ticket for a Free Timber Rattler game.

F.I.R.S.T. - Family Inter-agency Resource Service - A cooperative program offered by the Waupaca School District and the Waupaca County Department of Health and Human services which provides a holistic plan of services to meet both the academic and interpersonal needs of the student while also addressing the issues involving the family of the student in need.  The agencies involved provide a multi-agency assessment, early intervention, enhanced communication, and referrals to the appropriate resources.  Services are voluntary in nature and parental input and cooperation is essential. 

Geography Bee -  The National Geographic Society sponsors this event.  It is open to students in grade 4.  The students take a written test in their classrooms.  The top two scorers at each grade level move on to a district level competition.  The district-level competition is an oral event and usually takes place the first part of January.  The winner of this event takes a written test which is mailed to Madison and is judged at the state level. 

Gifted and Talented (G/T) Consortium Enrichment Program -A committee of parents and staff from seven area school districts develop enrichment opportunities for students.  Presenters from many different areas of expertise provide programs for students.  Programs are hosted in one of the districts and are open to students in all of the member districts.  Students receive flyers on these programs at school and may apply for the enrichment program that interests them. 

Movin & Munchin Schools- Program to help students get physically fit with programs such as Jump Rope/ Hoops for Heart, Mini Olympics, and Potato Polka Night.

Nurturing Program - The Nurturing Program is a treatment and educational parenting program for all types of parents.  The uniqueness of the program lies in the structure which allows parents and their children to attend the sessions together.  The Program places much focus on increasing participant's self-esteem, handling feelings, communicating needs, establishing nurturing routines for regular family affairs, and offers information regarding discipline techniques, such as redirection, time-out, choices and consequences, ignoring, praise, family rules, problem solving and verbal management.  The Waupaca

School District offers this program for parents and children (ages 4-12 and 13-18). 

POPS - Power of Positive Students - POPS is a program that focuses on helping students, staff and parents to build positive attitudes, life skills, and competencies that will enable them to have a pleasant and productive journey through life. 

PRAISE Program - Positive Recognition for Achievement and Individual Student Effort - The program is designed to recognize individual student achievement and promote a positive student attitude toward school.  Specific areas have been identified and a criteria established in which Certificates of Achievement may be earned.  We recognize individual student effort throughout the year rather than just at the end of the year.  Certificates are cumulative and when a student has earned 20 certificates or recognitions, he/she is awarded a school letter.

Problem Solving Teams-DI Destination Imagination. 

READ-UP - The Accelerated Reading Program - Read-Up is a computerized reading program that motivates students in grades 1-8 to read more and better books. 

School Store - A nonprofit store where students and staff may purchase school supplies at reasonable prices is operated during the day.  Responsible fourth and fifth graders work in the store.  These students gain experience in leadership and marketing.  They also assist in inventory and suggesting merchandise for future purchases. 

Special Choir - Selected voices in grades 1-4 from all Waupaca elementary schools.  Students perform at the Christmas programs and Creative Expressions Night. 

Spelling Bee - The spelling Bee is offered to students in grades 3-8.  Students participate in run-off events within their classroom or grade levels.  Seven grade level representatives participate in the District-level Spelling Bee which is held in the High School Auditorium in February.  The winner of this event advances to the CESA 5  event. 

SSR - Sustained Silent Reading - Students select their own books and other materials to read during a "free reading" time designated by the teacher each day.  Also known as SQUIRT (Sustained Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time) and DEAR (Drop Everything and READ). 

Student Council - This is open for 4th grade students.  The students are elected in the fall and serve for the entire year.  Meetings are generally held during the lunch period.  They represent the student body and work on projects that improve the school. WLC Green Team, Peer Mediation, Wee Deliver, and much more!

Student Council WEE Deliver - This is available to 5th graders.  It gives students an opportunity to develop their skills in writing, organizing, and handling responsibility. 

Terminology used at the WLC

APE - Adaptive Physical Education - Physical Education that is modified or adapted to the individual child in order for them to participate fully. 

BD/ED - Behavior Disability-Emotional Disability - Disability characterized by emotional, social, and behavioral functioning that significantly interfere with the child's education and development of academic skills and social interactions. 

CESA - Cooperative Education Service Agency - Wisconsin is divided into 12 CESA districts. The School District of Waupaca is served by CESA #5 in Portage. CESA's mission is to actively assist school districts and the broader community to provide quality educational experiences for learners. School districts are assessed a fee each year and then contract for specific services as individual districts. 

CD-B - Cognitive Disability - Borderline - Disability related to sub-average intellectual functioning. 

CD-S - Cognitive Disability - Severe - Disability related to significant sub-average intellectual function. 

COTA - Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant - Assists Occupational Therapist in delivering services to students 

DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services 

DPI - Department of Public Instruction - DPI is a state service agency in Madison.  This agency provides consultants in all curriculum areas to school districts.  Supported through tax dollars, services are provided at no cost to Wisconsin School Districts. 

EC - Early Childhood - Program for children under the age of 6. 

EIP - Early Intervention Program - Program operated by the Department of Health and Human Services that serves children from 0-3 years of age. 

FAPE - Free Appropriate Public Education - Term used to ensure that all disabled students receive a free public education appropriate to their needs.

HI - Hearing Impaired - Loss of hearing acuity which affects the normal development of language. 

IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 

IEP - Individualized Education Program - Document that is developed for each student found to have a disability which indicates the specific needs of the student and what goals, objectives and techniques will be used to meet those needs. 

IMC - Instructional Materials Center - Formally called the library.  Today the library is much more.  Instructional equipment, kits, videos and CDs are also a part of the IMC.  All media utilized in the instructional process are housed in this area of the building. 

LD - Learning Disability - A disability denoting severe and unique learning problems which significantly interfere with the ability to acquire, organize or express information. 

LEA - Local Education Association - The local school district. 

M-TEAM - Multidisciplinary Team - A group of people appointed to evaluate and review the skills of children who are referred and determine whether the child has a disability.

OHI - Other Health Impaired - Having limited strength, vitality or alertness, due to chronic health problems such as heart condition, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, etc. that adversely affects a child's educational performance. 

OI - Orthopedically Impaired -  A severe orthopedic impairment that adversely affects a child's educational performance. 

OT - Occupational Therapy - Services provided to children in special education classes to assist them in restoring or maintaining function, fostering normal development and possibly preventing further disability.  Specifically focusing on fine motor coordination, equipment/classroom adaptations needed to develop self help, classroom or hand skills, developing sensorimotor skills and sensory integration and teaching/helping to develop work simplification and motion economy techniques. 

PH - Physically Handicapped - Child with some physical defect such as affection of the joints or bone, or congenital deformities which may hinder the achievement of normal growth and development. 

PT - Physical Therapy - Services provided to children in special education classes to assist them in restoring or maintaining function, fostering normal development and possibly preventing further disability.  Specifically focusing on gross motor development and mobility. 

SP/LN- Speech/Language - Disability characterized by a delay or deviance in the acquisition of language skills and/or reception or expression of language. 

TITLE I - Title I is the largest federally funded education program designed to provide children with additional help in reading, language arts and math.  These funds are provided by the federal government through the State Department of Public Instruction. 

VI - Visual Impairment - Loss of functional vision.