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Kid Links
Listed below are some COOL sites for Kids. As always, check these sites out first before allowing your student to explore.
These sites were acceptable when this page was made.

The WLC's - IMC Patron Catalog - search in school for books and materials located in the IMC.

Reading and Writing The Children's Literature Web Guide talks about award winners, good books to read and also includes children's writings and drawings.

Young Writer's Clubhouse  gives you ideas on how to become a published writer. 

There are also many great sites dealing with specific authors such as Dr. Seuss. There is also information to be found on Marc Brown and his ARTHUR books.Jan Brett also has her own homepage and it's wonderful.  Or you might want to visit Jan and Stan Berenstain, Eric Carle, or   Beatrix Potter


Houghton Mifflin's After School Clubhouse offers a great deal for students of all ages to do.  Try the Wacky Web Tales. 

Ask Dr. Math is for elementary and middle school students. 

Check out Cool Math for some really fun ways to practice your math. 

Need some practice with math word problems?  Math Stories is the place for you. 

Like making change??  Check out Change Maker from Funbrain. 

Want to play some Math Baseball

Math Cats is a fun place too. 

Practice your math Flashcards.

This math website was created by Mrs. Ceranske, it has 5 links to various math skill sites. 

Social Studies
Another great place is the White House page for Kids. Socks the cat is your guide for information on the President's home, kids and pet who have lived there, and the President's address. 

Interested in knowing more about each of the states in the USA, check out  Stately Facts for more information about the States. 

You can visit other spots in the world with National Geographic's World Magazine.


The National Air and Space Museum is a photographic tour of the musuem. 

A couple of animal sites that kids might enjoy are Seaworld, The Electronic Zoo, Whales

The Maine Aquarium has an interesting page the lists several links to other sites that deal with animals and things kids would be interested in.  It also has coloring pages you can print. 

Don't forget to visit NASA and the Smithsonian


Do you like Bill Nye the Science Guy--check out his homepage. 
Just For Fun
Animabets offers many games also. 

Bonus.com is packed full of games, both educational and not.  A great site just for fun. 

FunBrain is full of educational, but fun games. 

Don't forget other fun spots such as DISNEY , Crayola Crayons ,  and Snoopy's Doghouse.


Other Interesting Links
Kids Click is a search engine designed just for kids.  There is a tremendous amount of other sites that you can search for that are especially for kids.

Parents, check out Barbara Feldman's Surf the Net With Kids.  It has a wealth of sites that she has explored and found suitable for children.  Plus, it offers alot of timely sites that deal with information surrounding the current month or day. 

Check out the Internet Public Library Youth Division for a great many different kinds of activities.  You'll find reading, science, math, sports and many other subjects to browse through. 

Other Kid's Pages that contain numerous links to other place are The Kids on the Web and Kids Web.