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Where do I register my child for Elementary School?
You may register your elementary age students, Early Childhood through Grade 4, at the Waupaca Learning Center Office which is located at 1515 Shoemaker Road in Waupaca. After enrollment forms are completed, the elementary school principals, will make decisions concerning class placement. During the school year, the Elementary Office is open from 7:30-4:00. If you have questions about enrollment, please call 715-258-4141 or email.

Summer Enrollment
During the summer months, the Waupaca Learning Center Office is open between the hours of 7:30a.m. - 3:30 p.m. We encourage you to register your child in school prior to August 1st so that an appropriate placement can be made.

Please bring the following when registering your child - Report card from the last school attended with school address, Immunization records to comply with state law, and a birth certificate for kindergarten students.

What School Will My Child Attend?
If you live within the boundries of the School District of Waupaca (check your tax bill for this information), it is most likely your child will be assigned to a school closest to your home. Some students, however, may be transported to other schools to achieve balance or to participate in special programs.

Programs for Students with Special Needs
The School District attempts to locate, identify, and provide services to all children from ages 3-21 with exceptional educational needs. Please let us know at registration time if your child requires exceptional educational services. For more information, call the office of the Director of Exceptional Education at 258-4124 or send an email to the director, Maureen Markon.

Students in Cave

School Hours
Early Childhood/ W4K-
-- AM session = 8:00AM to 11:00AM
-- PM Sessions = 11:55AM to 2:55PM

Kindergarten through Grade 4 - 8:00AM - 2:55PM

Textbook Fee (paid at the beginning of year)
EarlyChildhood/ W4K -$4.00
Kindergarten - $8.00
Grades 1 through 4 - $10.00

Attendance Policy
The School District of Waupaca recently adopted a new school attendance policy in response to the Wisconsin State Truancy Law enacted on July 21, 1998. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children attend school regularly and avoid unnecessary absenteeism. If your child is not going to be in school, please notify your child's school office between 7:30-8:30 a.m. on the day of absence. Students arriving late or leaving school early must stop by the school office to sign in/out. (See School District Truancy Attendance Policy for Detail)

Transportation Services
The School District buses all children who live two or more miles from the schools they attend. Students living within the city limits may be required to walk to a designated bus stop. Handicapped children and those living in areas determined to be hazardous are transported regardless of distance. To learn more, contact the Office of the Transportation Supervisor at 715-258-4155 or email.

School Lunch Program Food Service
The School lunch Program is available at all buildings. Students should pay for lunch at the beginning of the day on the first day of the school week . Lunch may also be purchased quarterly, weekly, or daily. Students with cold lunch may purchase milk for .30 cents. If you have questions, contact the Food Service Office at 715-258-4146 or email.

Free Lunch-Application must be made for participation in the free lunch/milk program. Forms for the free lunch program are available at all school offices. Applications must be returned and approved by our School Business Office prior to the child receiving free lunch. Students eligible for free lunch are also eligible for free milk.

Supplemental Milk Program-Money is collected on a semester basis.

Health Services
Immunization Wisconsin statutes require that all students must have a physical and immunization prior to entering school. For more information see the School District's Immunization Policy.

Medication Policy-Prescription and non-prescription-ALL medication given at school must be accompanied by a "Physicians and Parents Request for Giving Medicine at School" form signed by both the parent and physician which will be kept on file in the Nurse's office. Daily medication will only be given by school personnel as prescribed by doctor's written instruction. NO SCHOOL PERSONNEL WILL GIVE ANY MEDICATION (PRESCRIPTION OR NON-PRESCRIPTION) TO STUDENT WITHOUT A DOCTOR'S WRITTEN ORDER. Any changes to the prescription must be signed by the doctor. If you have questions regarding any Health Services, call the Health Room assigned to your school or the Registered Nurse at 715-258-4131 or email.

School Closing/Dismissal
The District Administrator, Bus Supervisor, and City/County Police will determine when school shall be closed due to inclement weather. Don't call these authorities to determine if school is "On" or "Off." School closing information may be found on WDUX AM/FM, TV Stations-2,5,7,9,11,26. Please communicate with your child's teacher regarding alternate plans for going home. If your child is not to take the bus home, we must have a note from you. Without a note, your child will be sent on the bus.

Pre-Kindergarten Screening
The School District of Waupaca conducts an annual 4 Year Old Screening in the spring of each year. To be included in the screening, your child must be 4 years of age on/before September 1st. To have your child included in this screening, please contact the Waupaca Learning Center Elementary Office at 715-258-4141 or email.

Our purpose for this screening is to identify children eligible for preschool services. We hope that screening children at this time will enable us to provide necessary preschool services for children with special needs. Our screening will focus on your child's:

* Motor Development
* Concept Development
* Language Development
* Hearing/Vision
* Health/Immunizations

In accordance with Wisconsin State Law, children must be 5 years old on/before September 1st to be eligible for kindergarten.

Parent/Teacher Groups
All elementary buildings have active Parent Teacher Groups. We welcome you to get involved.